For Our Beloveds

​This is my body

My soul

This is My Oneness

I honor your body

Your soul

That is Your Oneness

If you lose sight of Your Oneness

It may appear to you

That you can regain it

By finding a way into My Oneness

And it may feel right

For a while

But eventually you may become disillusioned

Because being in My Oneness when you have lost sight of yours

Becomes painful

And empty

Sometimes we are like buckets filled with water looking at the ocean

Wishing to be that full

When if we could see inside of ourseves, we would find

We already are just that full

So take a moment now

This moment when you’ve lost sight of Your Oneness

And really look around you

Can you see another Oneness somewhere?

That bird singing

That flower growing

That drop of rain

That ray of light


Really look at me now

Let me remind you of Your Oneness again

Let yourself remind me of Mine

Then let’s join and be a new and unprecedented kind of Oneness together

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