Sometimes when I can’t sleep I write letters.

Don't Stop Me

To the God, Multidimensional Being, Multinational Corporation, Ill-advised Drunken Hook-Up, or Whatever Random Piece of #### That Caused My Existence,


You may or may not have intended it, but I think you did okay. I’m a decent person and I gave birth to an even more decent person, who will in time, if all goes well, and assuming she wants to, and can find a halfway decent sperm donor if she turns out to be a lesbian, will give birth to an even more decent person (or persons) than I or anyone alive right now can imagine. And I suspect, and I do have some scant evidence therof, that this scenario may in fact be repeating itself right now all over the planet. That is to say, decent human beings such as myself, have produced, intentionally or by happy accident, even more decent human beings. The kind that even now, what with their adolescent hormones and such, are threatening to produce a whole new generation of decent human beings who, freed of the last vestiges of the have to, supposed to, should be, you’re such a f####### disappointment bullshit of previous generations, just may decide to cherish and respect each other and this planet in the way that we all have always deserved to be cherished and respected. And then…well who knows, but I sure hope I am somewhere I can watch.

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