The Still, Small Voice and How l Listen to It

Do you ever wonder if holistic practitioners practice what they preach when it comes to self-care?  Well, here’s a little window into my recent healing crisis.
I had been having pain and inflammation in both of my feet for a few weeks, and based on the nature and location of the pain my first thought was plantar fasciitis.  It seemed to make sense since I remembered having pain and swelling in mid-November a couple days after a high-intensity dance fitness training.  So I started icing, elevating, stretching, doing energy work on myself…and things got worse.  The pain in my left foot tapered off, but my right foot suddenly blew up like a balloon and was so painful I could barely put any weight on it.  Off to the emergency room I went.  Many hours and several x-rays later, the consensus of the emergency room personnel was cellulitis, a bacterial infection that affects the skin and soft tissue underneath.  Their solution? Antibiotics. How did they know for sure it was bacterial without doing a culture? If it was in fact bacterial, how could they be sure it wasn’t an antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria, in which case the antibiotics they were prescribing could potentially make things worse? I was unable to obtain any meaningful answers to these and other queries.  So I left with a foot brace and crutches (which was cool because now at least I could be somewhat mobile) and no intention of filling that antibiotics prescription.
I want to be really clear at this point, I am not bashing allopathic medicine in any way. I invite and encourage all of my clients and everyone reading this to be as informed and educated as possible in all things, especially when it comes to stuff like health and well-being.
The thing is, there’s a really important component to being informed and educated that can get lost in the shuffle of our having-to-do-it-all-all-at-once-i-cannot-be-sick-just-fix-me-now culture. There’s this still, small voice inside each of us.
I heard that voice speaking to me in the emergency room when the staff dismissed my concerns and presented me with scripts for an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory, instructions to start the antibiotic immediately, and to follow up if it didn’t start working in a few days, because then I would then most likely need intravenous antibiotics, without which there would be a possibility of sepsis…  The voice said, hang on luv, no point in saying a word more, just take these bits and bobs and we’ll sort it out later.  (I don’t know why the voice was distinctly Cockney at this particular time.  All I can say is that my inner voice has a sense of humor.  More on that at another time perhaps.)
The point is, I listened to the voice.  I listened when the voice said, throw away the scripts and get started on wild oregano oil.  Keep going with the energy healing.  Use your meditation time every day to go deep into the cells of your body with unconditional love and boundless curiosity.
So here we are, nine days after my emergency room visit.  There’s still a bit of swelling in my right foot, but no pain and I am fully mobile.  Nine days of intense meditation and inner journeying have left me with insights so deep and so expansive I am only just beginning to put it all into words.
I didn’t succumb to fear.  I trusted myself.  I loved myself enough to turn my healing crisis into a spiritual growth spurt.  Now, how can I be of service to you?

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