Working Together

Hi there!

I am an experienced certified massage therapist offering relaxing and healing bodywork, energy work and massage. Modalities I offer include Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, lymphatic, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, Reiki…and my own unique method which incorporates massage, Reiki, intuitive energy work and healing musical frequencies.

I also offer Intuitive Empowerment sessions. Through my background in massage therapy and energy work, I came to realize the value of an integrated approach to client care, one that sees each individual as a unique whole person, and addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns in a holistic manner.

Interweaving cutting-edge practices and insights from diverse disciplines such as mindfulness training, meditation, hypnotherapy, life coaching, neurobiology, heart intelligence and body-mind psychotherapy, I tailor each session to meet the unique needs and desires of my client. At the same time, I ground her/his experience in an atmosphere of empathy, compassion, non-judgment and unconditionally loving presence.

As an Empowerment Facilitator, I am your heart-centered companion and illuminator of your inner world. I am the Glinda to your Dorothy. The power is always within you; sometimes you need the mirror of a loving, present partner so that you can behold your true nature, and manifest more of whom you truly wish to be every day. I am honored to partner with you and witness your magnificent being and becoming. At the very heart of all my work is a truth that I believe resonates with all of us…love really is all you need.