Working Together

What will you experience in a healing session with me?

You can expect a lovingly and intuitively co-created multi-dimensional experience that brings in both your spirit team (loved ones, ancestors, masters, guides, allies, etc.) and mine. The secret sauce is allowing and holding a vibration of unconditional love and deep soul connection.

Benefits frequently reported by my clients include:

-pain relief
-fast recovery from injuries
-feeling less anxiety and more peace
-having a sense of calm well-being
-feeling clarity around previously vexing decisions
-spontaneously committing to healthier life choices that they’d struggled to implement for months (or years in some cases!)

I also offer Intuitive Empowerment sessions. This is a newer aspect of my services, which I’ve been developing over the past several years.

Through my background in massage therapy, bodywork and energy work, I came to realize the value of an integrated approach to healing and wellness – one that sees you as a unique whole person, and addresses your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns in a holistic manner.

Interweaving cutting-edge practices and research findings from diverse disciplines such as mindfulness training, meditation, hypnotherapy, life coaching, neurobiology, heart intelligence and body-mind psychotherapy, I tailor each session to meet your unique needs and desires. At the same time, I ground your experience in an atmosphere of empathy, compassion, non-judgment and unconditionally loving presence.

In these sessions, I am your heart-centered companion and illuminator of your inner world. I am the Glinda to your Dorothy. The power is always within you; sometimes you need the mirror of a loving, present partner so that you can behold your true nature, and manifest more of whom you truly wish to be every day. I am honored to partner with you and witness your magnificent being and becoming.

At the very heart of all of my work is a truth that I think resonates with all of us…love really is all you need!

As you may know, these kinds of healing interactions can be difficult to describe in words. So please allow me to share with you an EXPERIENCE! In-person and remote sessions are available.

Remote Healing FAQ

Q: How do your remote sessions work? Do I need to be in contact with you (phone or Skype etc.) during the session?

A: We won’t be in contact (in the literal sense) during the session. We’ll set up a time that works for you, when you’re able to lie down and relax for about an hour. I just need to tune into your energy in order to do the session.