Power Within Peace Without

Meeting you where you are and empowering your remembrance of who you truly are.

“I had a wonderful energy healing session with Anne. Her healing was gentle but powerful and very effective. I’d recommend her highly.”

Barbara M.

“Anne did a remote healing for me. It was a very gentle healing. What I notice most was a sense of calm and reduced anxiety. This was such a blessing in my typically stressful life. Beautiful!”

Lyn C.

“Anne placed her hands near my body and I felt her healing warmth. Her peaceful energy glided over my restless body and calmed the worldly noises down, so that simplicity and rest would follow. My dreams have been more vibrant and my soul more peaceful.”

Nancy S.

“She provided such a calm atmosphere for me that made it easy to tap into my own energy field and stay there with ease. Imbued with relaxing easeful energies, it was a beautiful hour long session of feeling tranquil from within. I was able to just hook into and bathe in these healing energies made accessible by Anne.”

Brianna S.

“I had a remote energy healing session with Anne, which was great. Even though I had not met Anne in person, I felt, both during and for some time after the session, a sense of well-being and calm relaxation and my problem area was slightly improved. I definitely felt a connection with Anne during the session. I also found her whole approach professional and considerate and it was a pleasure interacting with her.”

Julie B.